Serie HT-500

HT-100MB ·  HT-250MB ·  HT-500MB
FOR 3.5TON(Frozen)~5TON(Refrigerated) TRUCK

Detalle del Equipo

HT-500 II
·  HFC R-134a or R-404a Chlorine zero
·  Front mounted condenser operated by vehicle engine and compressor
·  Durable ABS plastic cover with compact design
·  HFC R-134a or R-404a Chlorine zero
·  Front mounted condenser operated by vehicle  engine or electric standby motor
·  Durable Steel cover
FOR HT-500 II, HT-500ESC

·  Slim ceiling Evaporator
·  Maximum load space and high airflow volume
·  4 Evaporator Fans
Lower vibrations and higher strength for Heavy-duty jobs
▶Engine compressor
·  Electric Standby compressor
Displacement - TM15   147cc
TM16   136cc
No. of Cylinders - 6 (3 double-headed pistons)
Revolution range - 700~6000 rpm
Oil - ZXL 100PG PAG OIL (150cc)
Temperature controller
▶In-cab control system 
·  Automatic start/stop engine operation  by setting temperature
·  Automatic temperature display with easier control   system
·  Check engine operation hour
·  Automatic hot gas defrost initiated and terminated by  cab controller
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